Donation Requests

Thank you for your interest in Engine House 25 Wines. Here at Engine House 25 Wines we source our own grapes from around the world. From sorting, crushing and pressing to bottling and waxing, we take pride in crafting each step of every bottle by hand. Due to the fact that we have a small-scale operation, we are only able to donate a certain amount of wine per year.

We are always looking to support our local community and charitable neighbors. Below please tell us a little bit about your organization, its mission and the event you are requesting our wine for.

If your donation is accepted, you will hear back from us with two weeks. All applications must be filled out at least one month prior to the pick-up date. All wine must be picked up at Engine House 25 in Lawrenceville between 10am – 3pm, Monday through Friday.

Please fill out the application below.

If you are interested in working with Engine House 25 to facilitate a cash bar using Engine House 25 wines and other beverages handcrafted in PA at a remote site for your next event, please email for further details.