Our Process

GrapesInHandSmallThe full-cluster grapes are sourced from the vines of premium growers in California and Chile, South America, and shipped to the winery. From that point, the entire winemaking process takes place under the EH25 Wines roof, including the initial steps of sorting the grapes by hand, crushing & de-stemming, fermentation and pressing of the grapes.

From there, the wine makes its way into its new home of oak barrels, where it typically ages for 18-24 months. A combination of American, French and Australian oak barrels are utilized during the process to create wines with great nuances and rich complexity. With only a “dusting” of sulfites and no other additives or preservatives, we let the natural characteristics of the grapes shine through old-fashioned, traditional, minimalistic winemaking techniques. We enjoy the wine and have no doubt that you will do the same!